The Numark Mixtrack Pro

August 17, 2012

Numark Mixtrack Pro Review


The Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller is compact yet complete, which is something that not all portable systems can accomplish. The Mixtrack Pro interfaces with your computer, both Mac and PC devices. It is classically designed with two turn tables and a mixer which, once connected to the input source music, lets you mix, loop, scratch, juggle the beat, locate precise points within your track and more.The Mixtrack Pro is an easy-to-use controller that is suitable for any DJ – neophyte to veteran. The system comes with Serato DJ Intro software, which is the program that will enable you to mix your digital music. Virtual DJ LE is standard in North and South America for fresh beats and ambient sounds, while Europe and Asia includes Native Instruments’ Traktor LE for the same purpose. This system and software will help you – the DJ – create high quality mixes in your own home or at live functions. Mixtrack Pro is a MIDI-over-USB controller, so it’s compatible DJ software other than that which is provided.The built in sound card is a great convenience, and the tables are extremely responsive, which is great for the user who scratches frequently. All of the different aspects of this piece of equipment are extremely durable, which is great for the DJ who is on-the-go at parties and in clubs. Many portable DJ kits are not as reliable as their larger, more cumbersome counterparts, but the Mixtrack Pro thwarts this misconception. It provides consistent results every time, and though it may not have as many bells and whistles as larger kits, it is still very dependable and a very effective piece of equipment for the traveling DJ.

The Mixtrack Pro is intuitively easy to use, and any real technical bumps in the road can be overcome by checking out the help options or by searching online for web tutorial videos. There is a wealth of information about troubleshooting any problems that you might encounter, and there is also a lot of great chatter available about beat generation and producing using the Mixtrack Pro. This kit could be an inspiration jumping off point for younger DJs as they realize how much this piece of equipment can do.

The Numark Mixtrack Pro is a princely DJ kit for a pauper’s price. If you’re looking for a quality controller that will accommodate your needs and go far above and beyond your expectations then this is it. Price, usability, and durability come together to make a really complete package for any aspiring or seasoned DJ in the music world.

A Review of the Numark MixDeck

June 17, 2012

The Numark MIXDECK is a DJ system with everything the club DJ on the go needs. The performance station has the traditional dual decks and mixer board design with innovative additions that make this device the all-in-one product to have. The functions and features of this machine allows any DJ to broaden their creativity skills easily using the features of the Numark MIXDECK including:

1) System decks that act as software controllers designed to smoothly transfer audio files from your PC or Mac
computer with MIDI communication, that can be setup with MIXDECK’S Serato DJ intro software. The system
is also cued for Virtual DJ Pro and Traktor Pro 2 that can get you started mixing tracks instantly!

2) The MIXDECK has slide slots compatible for audio CDs and for MP3 CD-Rs. You can also
connect different types of external sources to the mixing board, directly or by connecting a USB cable to
transfer audio file sounds with DJ software. This gives the club DJ the option to access countless MP3s files
without lugging CDs and a computer to their gigs.

3) MIXDECK’s USB connection can also receive two stereo channels from your PC, enabling you to
mix computer audio files with CD tracks.

4) MIXDECK features an integrated Universal Dock to record to and play tracks from your iPod. The MIXDECK
also has an iPod fader, click knob, physical transport, and menu controls, for hands free operation of the
device once its docked.

5) MIXDECK’s has a mic input, Record, Booth, headphone stereo output ports that allow you to
transfer your track mixes to different systems and locations.

6)Timecode control interfaces including real time software.

7) MIXDECK’s system is finger-sensitive for accurate performance and smooth control of tracks on software,
discs, and flash drives.

8) Adjustable mix board panel players work just like old school vinyl on turntables with start and stop-time
controls located on each deck.

9) MIXDECK’s decks enables you to add interesting sounds effects that are completely adjustable and

10) MIXDECK contains a set of beat and pitch tools to create beat matching and harmonic mixing. It
automatically analyzes a track’s BPM and includes Tap tempo, pitch-bend buttons and a pitch fader.

11) The DJ system has a complete range of remixing tools for spontaneous looping, sampling, and song cues
access. Bleep/Reverse music progressive while you cut or reverse the track.

12) You can play single-track, continuous discs and programmable playback modes for versatile performance.
Fader Start enables you to play the track for smooth song changes.

13) Two bright backlit displays monitor the status of all of the MIXDECK’S functions.

14) MIXDECK gives you the ability to mix, remix, perform and record with just about any popular music media.


The Mixdecks is both lightweight and easy to use for newbies and veteran DJs and can play off of external drives, CDs, and your computer. The MIXDECK is touch sensitive and therefore easy to control for scratching and cueing tracks. It is perfect for the mobile DJ and is compatible with any music style.


There were a few weaknesses that were noted by several customers who found significant bugs when using the DJ system. Some commented that the sound output could be louder. The system’s unit is plastic and likely to get damaged without the protective case. The iPod’s sound cannot be controlled with the MIXDECK. Aside from that observation, newer iPhones and iPods are not compatible with this unit. Using a laptop to mix digital sets is not advisable. You do better using the NUmark NS6 or 7. The most significant complaint seems to be with tech support when handling system malfunctions. Customers dissatisfaction with the MIXDECK mainly came from its inability to work with certain laptop configurations. Traktor, and even Virtual DJ Pro were unreliable with their connection, causing sound distortions and loss of MIDI control. There appears to be no escalation procedure for system failure in these scenarios. The frustration with the DJ system boils down to Numark not being able to adjust their device to diverse laptop configurations. If a customer owns a laptop that is incompatible to MIXDECK, they have no workable solution to fall back on when contacting tech support. Their best bet is to read detailed reviews before purchasing the system that may give a heads up on whether or not their laptop is compatible with MIXDECK.

If you are considering buying a Numark MIXDECK and don’t want to pay full price, refurbished DJ systems are available online priced at $499.00 directly from the company’s website or through an official Numark MIXDECK dealer.

Mixx DJ Software – Free To Download, Free For Life

May 25, 2012

With the help of the computer, there are a lot of things that can be made possible. And this holds true as well for the ardent music fan. With the help of MP3s, music is now more portable than ever. And then there is computer software that is capable of enhancing music quality, perfect for both recording artists and producers alike. But there is another group of music fans that can benefit from computer software: aspiring disc jockeys. With the help of DJ software, anyone can be capable of recording their own mixes. In this article, the DJ program Mixxx, one of the most popular out there, is about to be reviewed.

 Mixxx DJ Software

The Mixxx is critically acclaimed because of so many things. Created and maintained by the open source community, this software is well-renowned for its ease of use. Best of all, this software can be had for free and is ready to use almost immediately.

The interface of the Mixxx is very simple and intuitive. The screen setup is similar to what you would see on an actual DJ device. There are 2 turntables, 2 sets of controls, 2 wave displays, and the fader control. This practically means that those with experience handling a DJ machine will feel at home with the Mixxx’s interface. Below this setup is a section where all the music files and playlists on your library (including those located at iTunes), with each file you can select at will to create your remixes. Speaking of music files, it is compatible with MP3, WAV, AIFF, and OGG music files.


What makes the Mixxx competitive in the DJ software market is its simple learning curve. That is actually for most remixing fans the biggest advantage of using the Mixxx. It is already mentioned that the interface is similar to what you’ll see on a typical turntable. But other things that make it such an easy program to use is that most options such as playback, volume, frequency, and tempo are all easy to toggle and adjust. Other helpful music tools include the waveform of the entire song, the estimated beats per minute count of the song, and estimated beat markers. Another potentially useful function of the Mixxx is the automatic beat looping buttons. Some of the automatic functions include automatic loop creating, hot cues, reverse playback, and scrubbing. The 3 shelving EQ buttons can also double as filters.


But of course, the Mixxx also has its share of limitations. Arguably the most glaring one is the absence of FX functions (with the exception of flange). There is also lack of support for DirectX or VST plugins. Also, while integrated effects are currently being worked on, you might have to link with other programs in order to add FX functions to your recordings.

For most DJ software reviewers, the Mixxx is one of the most recommended software existing today. It is excellent for beginners in the art of remixing, and is still very much useful as you continually progress on your mixing skills.

Choosing the Best Video Mixer Software for Vj ‘s and dj’s

April 19, 2012

Video mixing or editing is often conducted by skilled video editors. This is how filmmaking and the multimedia industry works. However, with the recent technological advancements, individuals who wish to become a visual jockey can already practice the craft and excel in it even without formal training or guidance. In fact, there is a number of video mixer software that is currently being considered as an inexpensive means of editing or mixing video clips.

Video mixing software for vj's


Some of the popular video mixer software packages are as follows:

Virtual DJ

Not a lot of people know this but the legendary Virtual DJ software also comes complete with its very own Video Mixer. This first class feature allows you to mix in video’s of your choice while mixing away in the background with the conventional dj software.


This software package makes way for an interesting HD video mixing experience. If you have images and video files in your camera or DVD, you can already create your own video combination. It is even possible to capture and include entries from a number of live events that you have attended.

Some of the interesting features that this VJ software can offer include its live video mixing effects. With its live video filters, you can easily make necessary adjustments including color correction and cropping. It also has multi view, overlay, playlist, output and recording features. You can use it with custom keyboard shortcuts. It also supports language translations including Spanish and Korean.

In order to make the most out of this video mixer software, you simply have to take note of the different system requirements and the various hardware it supports. This is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.


When it comes to video mixing technology, this Arakos video software simply cannot be disregarded. This brand offers a number of products intended to serve the needs of visual and disc jockeys. This software is compatible with Mac computers. If you make use of this, you can produce creative live performances easily.



When it comes to uniqueness and convenience, this is the best software to use. With its flexible features, a visual jockey can create video mixes according to his own preferences. It is easy to use and operate. In this case, it is not only designed to be used by professionals but also by new and aspiring video editors.

The Modul8 video mixer software works well with Power PC and Intel computers. If your hardware permits, you can easily create high-quality outputs. It is popular for its multi-projection capacity and the numerous filters and effects that you can explore with it.


This software entails creativity. A visual jockey can make use of this software in creating video sequences and in playing it according to a particular time frame. With this tool, you can easily manipulate your video clips in producing a real time output. Since it is created by a VJ, its design and features are made to satisfy a VJ’s needs. This software allows you to control the speed, the effects and the overall performance contained in your video compilation.


The Avtake video mixer software is known for its interesting features. This product offers ease of control and the use of a four channel color corrector. It currently supports four live inputs. With this software, you can preview your video channels even without using external monitors. It also allows web video streaming regardless of the streaming software that you have installed in your computer. It also makes way for screen capture to be possible.

DJ System

This video mixer software received quite a number of positive feedbacks from its users. It is easy to use and is considered one of the most stable and reliable software for video mixing at present. With its numerous audio and video mixing applications, both DJ’s and VJ’s can take advantage of its features. Though it is designed for professionals, new users can easily learn its controls in no time. The best thing about this software is the good quality output that you can create out of it.


The Nuvj software speaks for simplicity and functionality in one. It performs according to your needs. With this software, you can easily mix video clips and images, apply essential effects and even scratch it when needed. Some of its distinguished features include video sample playback, automated play separate operations and the production of real time effects.


This software lets you make use of photo and video files in creating live TV webcasts. With this software, you can even take webcam shots and directly mix these files when uploading it into different social media sites. This makes way for an easy live performance to happen. You can make use of this software in YouTube, Skype and other applications online.

Based on this data, you can state that there are indeed a lot of video mixer tools to use and explore. Depending on your needs and video requirements, you can choose the best one that suits you best.


Rane Serato Itch 2.0 Dj Software

March 26, 2012



Serato Itch 2.0 is the long awaited follow-up to version 1.7. For those not already using Itch, it is Serato’s offering for controllerists to use without needing time-coded vinyls and an expensive Rane mixer. It may look the same on the surface, but Itch is customized to perform in a specific way with each controller it ships with. This ease of plug and play use is part of its charm. Itch 2.0 now takes those features and expands on them, giving the DJ more customization in regards to the interface and more options to experiment with. First, we’ll take a look at the positive changes before going into what is still lacking.

Rane Serato Itch 2.0 DJ Software

Rane Serato Itch 2.0 DJ Software


The Good
• Updated interface with a new look. Now you can customize the look of Itch to however you would prefer it. You can choose to have the screen either white or black, to show the effects and samples or to hide them, and how you want the waveforms to appear. This makes for a much sleeker interface that allows you to put the information exactly where you want it.
• SP-6 Sampler. Scratch Live already had the sample decks, but for some reason this was lacking in Itch. Now, with version 2.0, Itch users have access to six sample decks to assign whatever samples they want to use without needing to load them onto one of the main decks. Expect many controllers to take advantage of this new offering.
• Four Decks. This has become an expected addition to every DJ software out there, and now Itch is fully in the game, too. With the addition of the sampler, this also means you truly will have four separate decks cleared for your music. Now you can be as creative as you want and mix four tracks at once, or simply use the extra tracks to cue up songs way in advance. It’s all up to you.
• Sync. Itch 2.0 makes it easier than ever to sync all your tracks together. When synced, cueing up a new track automatically locks it into position to keep your tracks from drifting apart. Just be careful when using this feature with badly beatgridded tracks.
• Smart Crates. Just like iTunes does with Smart Playlists, Itch 2.0 now has a feature that makes song management incredibly convenient. Add to that the fact that it easily detects song files stored on hard drives, and you’ve got a crates system rivaled by none.

The Bad
• No Extra Controllers. One of the biggest problems to using Itch is that you need an approved Itch controller to even put it into DJ mode. Unless you count using a mouse and keyboard as separate controllers, don’t expect to be able to use more than one midi controller with Itch. This could have been a very useful feature, especially when it comes to the new SP-6 sampler.
• No Remapping. So let’s say you’re fine with using just one controller, but you’d like to be able to customize what each button does, or at least change some of the buttons you don’t use to cue samples. Well, you can’t. Itch is great in that you can just plug in a controller and start playing right away, but its fault is that it stays there and doesn’t let you change the hardware to the way you want it.
• No New Effects. This may not be a big deal for those coming from Scratch Live, since turntablism is more in effect there, but for the controllerists out there, Itch’s lack of effects makes it harder to play the way you want to play. With several other programs out there offering great effects, there’s no reason to not include them in Itch.

Serato Itch 2.0 is in many ways a big improvement. It makes things easier and more convenient, and if you’re already an Itch user, it’s free to upgrade, so there’s really no reason not to give it a shot. If you don’t already have Itch or an Itch controller, though, there are other options out there that are worth looking into, especially if full customization of your controller is what you’re looking for.

Zulu DJ Software

February 25, 2012

Obtaining quality DJ software at a sensible price has always been difficult, but answering the challenge is the new  new Zulu DJ Software which comes from NCH software. They’ve been in the industry for many years and have  developed software applications for more than one hundred Windows programs since their debut in the software industry in 1993. So what makes zulu dj software so great that it has practically gone viral on the web?

Zulu DJ Software


First and foremost Zulu has a magnificently friendly user interface which is literally packed with versatility and features. Due to its amazing options the online website has nominated and awarded Zulu to the Gold Award. To name some of the features that make it great I’ll say that keyboard hot keys, real time tempo and pitch control automatic beat detection, preview of tracks using headphones and the ability to cross fade between tracks are the main features that make Zulu stand out of the crowd. Say you have a track added to the deck and you’re an amateur DJ. With Zulu you will automatically have the track scanned to detect the number of beats per minute (BPM) and then change the tempo in order to synchronize the track to a T.

Download Free Trial of Zulu DJ Software


Moving music has just gotten easier as with zulu dj software you can use the built in drag and drop feature to move tracks literally everywhere within the software. No worries about the supported file formats as all of them are supported.

Here is a list of the amazing features:


If you love applying sound effects zulu dj software lets you apply them on the fly. The software just grooves to the beat of its own drummer and allows you to easily insert effects like delay, reverb, distortion and many others on the fly! So it actually does everything that a DJ software program needs to do.

Support for  all audio formats

Yes thats right, I said all  all audio formats currently in existence. Some people might find it hard to believe, so allow me to just make a short list of them:

  • amr
  • aiff
  • aif
  • avi
  • asf
  • wma
  • mp3
  • mpeg
  • mpg
  • wmv
  • wav


If you have a USB DJ mixing console like an audiophile turntable, fast track ultra audio interface, music studio bundle and so on; you can easily add them to your mixing experience as zulu dj software supports all of them.


It’s all about the mixing experience when you’re getting a software program to make your mixes sound like they’ve been piped in from another world. Zulu does not lack in this department and with its superior real time performance features paired by intuitive user interface and the individualized BPM settings it manages to crush its opponents and be an almost perfect Dj mixing software that will forever change your mixing experience! Added to that the price of just thirty four dollars makes it an unbeatable software program any amateur DJ should gnash at. So what are you waiting for Download Today for a 10-50% discount.


The Best Free DJ Software to download for PC and Mac

February 4, 2012

So we all like a bargin, who wants to pay for Dj Software when you can download it for free. However people might want to bear in mind that what is advertised as free is sometimes actually a time limited trial. For this purpose we are going to separate the Dj Programs into Free and Trial  to help you make your own mind up. Here is an exhaustive  list of the best trial and Free Dj Software downloads.

Free dj software for PC


Genuinely Free DJ Software

This is a list of Dj Software that is genuinely free to download and will always be free!

Virtual Dj

Virtual Dj actually  has both free and trial versions. VirtualDJ home is actially free for non commercial use. It has a few limitations and doesnt include some of the really slick features like the ability to add an external midi controller. You can find out more here .


Winner of the completely free software award, this functional dj software has many of the basic functions that a regular programs have such as BPM counters, ability to vary frequency range, looping and effects. Go to the site for more information 


Mixxx is actually open source software, giving you the assurance that this software is free and will always be free. It doesnt look as visually appealing as Traktor or Virtual Dj but it is giving you all the features you need to play a set. You can even record your own MP3 mix.Check out their site.


UltraMixer, like VirtualDJ is a commercial product which has a home version that can also be used for non commercial use. What I really like about UltraMixer  is that it has a nice MixDesk Scratch DJ component where  you can use your iphone as a turntable for the software.

DJ Software with Free Trial

So these are generally commercially available dj programs for pc and mac that have soem kind of fully fledged demo or trial version available for download.

Zulu Virtual DJ Software

Zulu Dj Software has both a free trial available and a low cost commercial version available for download. What I like about Zulu, is that while it doesnt have all the bells and whistles, its cheap and visually appealing. There is currently a sale on so the price of this is currently  $34.


PCDJ is a fully fleged commercial program with a free trial available.

MixVibes Cross Dj

MixVibes Cross DJ is another low cost piece of DJ Software ( ¢29 ) which also has a demo version available. Nice looking interface on this one which also works equally well on PC and MAC.

Gemini DJ Groove Mixing Software

The Gemini Groove Professional Mixing Software is commercial software with a 15 day trial. It has a nice looking interface and is available to download and buy from commercial outlets. The trial version can be found here

DJ Mixer Pro

DJ mixer pro cost $99 to buy but has free trail version available  also. It supports both PC and Mac and indeeed has good reviews from macworld.

and last but not least:

Traktor DJ Pro

The famous Traktor DJ  software now has a free demo available for download. This can be found here

So there we go, i hope you have enough information to make your choice about the best dj software to download.

Best Digital DJ Software for PC

January 8, 2012

What is the best digital mixing software for a professional dj may not be the best for an occasional dj that is looking for an easy to use dj program that will run on their pc.

My personal favourite is virtual dj because it is easy to use, intuititive and has most of the features i will probably ever use.

It works well with a cheap external sound card and with the exception of a few crashes with the first release of vista i havent had any problems.However if i would be looking for professional dj software  I would probably go for something like traktor pro because it has much more professional features.But then again i think if i would be pro id probably also be likely to use a mac and external midi controller.

If you are looking for something cheap check out our list of free dj software

Traktor Pro Dj software

December 13, 2011

Now I have to say, traktor pro is one of those programs, i just felt like I had to love. It was one of the pieces of software that my mac loving dj friends just cant live without. While I think traktor pro is a great piece of dj mixing software it is not the easiest or the most forgiving for its usability. My initial attempts to play with the software ended up with me losing a menu and not being able to get it back.

Traktor is very mac oriented in its user interface so for the pc user I didnt easily find it easy to work with. However going beyond the quirks of the human computer interaction, I was actually amazed to find this is actually a very powerful piece of dj software. It features a stunning waveform display and multiple controls all at your fingertips. One can loop with the click of a button and perform a whole manner of effects with ease. Its support for both pc and mac make it highly versatile.

Not for the faint hearted this is truly a piece of dj software for the professional.


Amazon Image

Time to Review Virtual DJ Pro for PC and Mac

December 7, 2011

Virtual DJ has to be one of my favourite dj programs for pc. The ease of use and intuitive nature make it very easy to learn. What I like about virtual dj, is that it doesn’t try to be too complicated.

Virtual DJ reviewedA review of Virtual DJ Pro for PC



Moving from cdj’s to a laptop is one thing but its nice to have an interface that is very similar to what your used to. In this case a set of cdj’s as an interface with familiar controls such as cue, pause and play. It does have an added bonus however -> the sync key. Whenever I find myself in a mixing pickle there is nothing more satisfying the pressing the sync key. Not only does it mix the track perfectly in time, it is also extremely easy to operate the cross fader by using the short cut keys of page up and page down.

As well as the ease of mixing there is also the capacity to throw in a wide variety of effects or record your own mix. One can bring in loops from the main control panel or again use customizable keyboard shortcuts. One of the things I like about virtual dj is the culture that seems to have grown up around it, with members of the community contributing there own variations of skins and effects to share with everybody.

External midi controllers as well as cheap sound cards seem to go down easily as well to the eyes of virtual dj. The only issue I have found with getting things going is if the sound card isnt plugged in when virtual dj starts, then it has to be configured.

I have been a loyal fan of virtual dj for about 3 years and I have really watched it mature as a product. There were times when it would crash or hang, the cause of which I never was quite sure about, it could have been windows or the software, it was really difficult to tell. All I can say is that I have been running version 7 since it was released without problems.  I was also surprised recently when I invested in a Mac book pro, I thought I would have to fork out again for a second licence, but no it transferred gracefully over. The interfaces were also identical.

I have to say that for someone just starting out with dj programs for pc ( or mac ) Virtual dj represents some of the best value for money you can get. If you are not sure whether you want to splash out on a shed load of cash there is also a free version of virtual dj. The free version seems to have much of the same functionality as the paid version but its purely for home use.


Time to Review Virtual DJ Pro for PC and Mac